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Painted coyote skull mounted on leather wrapped wood with deer leg, medicine wheel, feathers, fur, glass beads and horse hair decoration. Approx: 44"long. colors and decorations may vary, as each piece is hand crafted. Item #coystklng PRICE: $145.00
COYOTE MEDICINE STICK coypte dance stick
Painted coyote skull mounted on deer leg with feathers, horse hair and deerhide. Size approx. 18" Item #coymdstk PRICE: $125.00
TURTLE SHELL MEDICINE BAG Turtle shell medicine bag
Turtle shell bag with deerhide, carved bone and glass beads. Size approx. 6" long. Item #turbag PRICE: $ 60.00
PEYOTE GOURD RATTLE peyote gourd rattle
Peyote stitched bell gourd rattle with deerhide and deer hair. Size approx. 16" long Item #peyrtle PRICE: $ 70.00
PAINTED DEER SKULL MEDICINE WHEEL deerskull medicine wheel
Painted deer skull on leather wrapped medicine wheel with feather, horse hair , crossed arrows and bead decoration. Size approx. 22" diam. Item #drmedwhl PRICE: $ 220.00
BEADED WAR SHIRT Beaded war shirt
Beaded elk hide war shirt. Lazy stitch beadwork, earth paint, horse hair drops. All hand sticted and laced. Sizes LG and XTRALG Item #wshtbd PRICE: $3,500.00
MINIATURE DISPLAY plains mans miniature display set
Plains indian man's miniature set in shadowbox frame. Size 11"x14" Item #plmmin PRICE: $ 145.00
Title Beaded lizard natal amulet
Beaded deerhide natal amulet with tin cone and deer hair decoration and antique glass beads. Mounted in shadow box frame. Size 7"x9" Item #lizamu PRICE: $ 185.00
WING BONE DANCE WHISTLE wing bone dance whistle
Dance or war whistle made of goose wing bone, painted and decorated with simulated eagle fluff feathers. Mounted in Shadow box frame. size 8"x10" Item #wstle PRICE: $ 95.00
PLAINS WOMAN,S MINIATURE SET womens miniature set
Plains woman's collection mounted in shadow box frame. Size 11"x14" Item #plwnmin PRICE: $ 145.00