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Single stone sterling and sugilite bracelet with silver conchos. Stone approx: 2 1/4" x 1". Size - 5 3/4". Item#- sug1brac/c PRICE: SOLD
CORAL BRACELET  large coral bracelet
Large agatized coral freeform cabachon, sterling silver bracelet. Stone approx: 1 3/4" x 3/4". Size 5 5/8" Item # - corLGbrc PRICE: SOLD
SQUASH BLOSSOM KNECKLACE  squash blossom knecklace
Sterling silver and turquoise squash blossom knecklace. stones approx: 1 1/2" diam. Item # - sqbktq PRICE: $425.00
LARGE BEAR CLAW PENDANT  large bear claw pendant
Sterling silver pendant with bearclaw and turquoise stones. approx. 4.5" long Item #brpndlg01 PRICE: $ 85.00
CHOCKER sterling and hairpipe choker
Sterling silver feather and turquoise center piece with black horn hairpipe and brass beads. Item #bhtqckf PRICE: $ 145.00
DANGLE BRACELETS dangle bracelets
Sterling silver dangle bracelets with turquoise or sugilite stones. stones approx. 1" diam Item # dngbra01/turquoise, 02/sugilite PRICE: $ 60.00 ea
SUGILITE BRACELET  3 stone sugilite bracelet
Sterling silver 3 stone bracelet with sugilite. Stones approx. 1" diam. Size 5 3/4" Item #sug3brac PRICE: $ 185.00
TURQUOISE PENDANT WITH COLLAR turquoise pendant and neck bar
Sterling silver pendant and collar with turquoise. Stone approx. 1 1/2" diam. Item #pndnkcol PRICE: $ 85.00
Sterling silver bracelet with large turquoise stone and silver leaf designs on sides. Stone approx. 2 1/4" diam. Size - 5 3/4" Item #lgtqbrac PRICE: $225.00
ANTIQUE TRADE BEAD RINGS Antique trade bead rings
Sterling silver rings set with antique trade beads. All sizes available. Item #trdbdrngxxxxx where x's are size in 1/2 sizes through 13 1/2 PRICE: $ 40.00 ea